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Holy Spirit
Filled With The Holy Spirit – Maggie Gee (15-May-22)

Give Us The Tools – Nik Gee (8-May-22)

Ask And You Will Receive – Maggie Gee (1-May-22)

Pursuing God – Steve Stapp (24-Apr-22)

We Have Hope – Maggie Gee (17-Apr-22)

Outward Looking Community – Emma Claridge (10-Apr-22)

Wisdom and Hearing from God – Nik Gee (3-Apr-22)

Sharing Jesus With Others – Steve Stapp (27-Mar-22)

Come Holy Spirit – Maggie Gee (20-Mar-22)

Finding Encouragement In The Bible – Emma Claridge (13-Mar-22)

Living Life Generously – Nik Gee (6-Mar-22)

Prayer: Dependence On God – Robert King (27-Feb-22)

Everybody Gets To Play – Maggie Gee (13-Feb-22)

Called To Follow Jesus – Steve Stapp (6-Feb-22)

Called To Service and Sacrifice – Nik Gee (30-Jan-22)

Called To Be A Worshipper – Steve Stapp (23-Jan-22)

My Ideal Spiritual Self – Robert King (16-Jan-22)

I Raise My Ebeneezer – Maggie Gee (9-Jan-22)

Carol Service
There Is A Great Light – Maggie Gee (19-Dec-21)

Times and Seasons – Maggie Gee (12-Dec-21)

Called To Community – Rob King (5-Dec-21)

Freely You Have Received, Freely Give – Nik Gee (28-Nov-21)

Christlikeness – Maggie Gee (21-Nov-21)

Called To Follow Jesus – Nik Gee (14-Nov-21)

The Vineyard Person – Maggie Gee (7-Nov-21)

Guest Speaker
God Is With You – Taryn Freeland (24-Oct-21)

Deeper: The Psalms
Resting In God, Psalm 91 – Nik Gee (17-Oct-21)

God and Nature in the Psalms – Rob King (10-Oct-21)

Who Is This Jesus? – Maggie Gee (3-Oct-21)

Psalm 77, God is Unchanging – Rob King (26-Sept-21)

Praise In The Psalms – Nik Gee (19-Sept-21)

Remembering In The Psalms – Steve Stapp (12-Sept-21)

Psalm 23, Part 2 – Maggie Gee (5-Sept-21)

Psalm 23, Part 1 – Maggie Gee (25-Jul-21)

Psalm 30, Trust and Thanksgiving – Judith Campbell (18-Jul-21)

Psalm 100, Grateful Praise – Emma Claridge (11-Jul-21)

Psalm 13, Lament, Prayer, and Reassurance – Nik Gee (4-Jul-21)

Psalm 121, A Song For The Journey – Steve Stapp (27-Jun-21)

Introduction to the Psalms – Maggie Gee (20-Jun-21)

Encountering Jesus – continued
Jesus and the Father – Rob King (13-Jun-21)

The Magi, the Religious Leaders, and Herod – Nik Gee (6-Jun-21)

Chosen, Challenged, Changed – Maggie Gee (30-May-21)

Pentecost Sunday
Running With The Spirit – Andy Smith (23-May-21)

Encountering Jesus
The Thief On The Cross – Steve Stapp (16-May-21)

Jesus and the Uninvited Guest – Judith Campbell (9-May-21)

Mary and Martha – Nik Gee (2-May-21)

Christ Our Consoler – Sara Carlisle (25-Apr-21)

The Man Born Blind – Steve Stapp (18-Apr-21)

Feeding of the 5,000 – Rob King (11-Apr-21)

Easter, Mary Magdalene – Nik Gee (4-Apr-21)

The Woman Who Washed Jesus Feet – Judith Campbell (28-Mar-21)

The Roman Centurion – Steve Stapp (21-Mar-21)

Levi The Tax Collector – Judith Campbell (14-Mar-21)

The Paralysed Man – Nik Gee (7-Mar-21)

The Wedding At Cana – Maggie Gee (28-Feb-21)

Simon Peter – Steve Stapp (21-Feb-21)

The Woman In The Crowd – Maggie Gee (14-Feb-21)

Simeon & Anna – Nik Gee (7-Feb-21)

Guest Speaker
What kind of church do we want to be? – Mike Pilavachi (31-Jan-21)

Living Faith series – continued
Whole-hearted Faith – Maggie Gee (24-Jan-21)

Patient Faith – Steve Stapp (17-Jan-21)

Faith That Trusts – Nik Gee (10-Jan-21)

Humble Faith – Maggie Gee (3-Jan-21)

Carol Service
Look Up! Simple Truths At Christmas – Maggie Gee (13-Dec-20)

Guest Speaker
The Way Out Is The Way Through – Charles Montgomery (6-Dec-20)

Living Faith series
Faith for Words & Wisdom – Steve Stapp (29-Nov-20)

Faith Works – Judith Campbell (22-Nov-20)

Faith That Doesn’t Judge – Nik Gee (15-Nov-20)

Faith To Obey – Maggie Gee (08-Nov-20)

Quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger – Steve Stapp (01-Nov-20)

Faith Under Attack – Judith Campbell (25-Oct-20)

Faith Through The Storm – Nik Gee (18-Oct-20)

Guest Speaker
God’s Promise In The Midst Of Our Pain – Andrew McNeil (11-Oct-20)

Connected series – continued
Encountering His Presence – Maggie Gee (4-Oct-20)

Psalm 91, God’s Powerful Promises – Nik Gee (27-Sept-20)

Connected, Come Holy Spirit – Maggie Gee (20-Sept-20)

God Is For Us, You Are Loved – Nik Gee (13-Sept-20)

Guest Speakers
Jesus Is The Balm – Steve Nicholson (30-Aug-20)

A Kingdom Opportunity – Jay Pathak (23-Aug-20)

Connected series
Connecting with God in the journey of life – Maggie Gee (6-Sept-20)

Walking With Others Through Difficult Times – Steve Stapp (16-Aug-20)

Connection Requires Courage – Judith Campbell (9-Aug-20)

Connected – Bringing Jesus To Others – Maggie Gee (2-Aug-20)

Connected – One Another – Steve Stapp (26-Jul-20)

Connected – Relationships – Nik Gee (19-Jul-20)

Making Connections, Called To Serve – Judith Campbell (12-Jul-20)

Unity – Maggie Gee (5-Jul-20)

We’re All Invited – Judith Campbell (28-Jun-20)

Make Space For God In Our Lives – Steve Stapp (21-Jun-20)

Are You Over Connected? – Maggie Gee (14-Jun-20)

A response to George Floyd’s death / Abide in Jesus – Nik Gee (7-Jun-20)

Pentecost Sunday
Pentecost – Eleanor Mumford (31-May-20)

The Beatitudes series
Blessed Are Those Who Are Persecuted – Maggie Gee (24-May-20)

Blessed Are The Peacemakers – Nik Gee (17-May-20)

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart – Maggie Gee (10-May-20)

Blessed Are The Merciful – Nik Gee (3-May-20)

Blessed Are Those Who Hunger & Thirst For Righteousness – Maggie Gee (26-Apr-20)

Blessed Are The Meek – Nik Gee (19-Apr-20)

Blessed Are Those Who Mourn – Nik Gee (5-Apr-20)

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit – Maggie Gee (29-Mar-20)

Easter Sunday
He Is Risen Indeed – Maggie Gee (12-Apr-20)

Living Simply series
God Is For Us – Maggie Gee (22-Mar-20)

From Anxiety to Peace – Maggie Gee (15-Mar-20)

From Wounded To Whole – Judith Campbell (8-Mar-20)

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality series
Developing A Rule Of Life – Nik Gee (1-Mar-20)

Growing Into Emotional Maturity – Maggie Gee (23-Feb-20)

The Rhythms Of Daily Office & Sabbath – Steve Stapp (16-Feb-20)

Journey Through The Wall – Nik Gee (2-Feb-20)

Going Back To Go Forward – Maggie Gee (26-Jan-20)

Know Yourself That You May Know God – Nik Gee (19-Jan-20)

The Problem Of Emotionally Un-healthy Spirituality – Steve Stapp (12-Jan-20)