Get Involved

If you are considering making Harrogate Vineyard Church your home, there are some things we would ask you to do:

1) Attend regularly
We encourage people to attend events as regularly as they can. (See What’s On)

2) Join a small group
These are safe places to grow in relationship with God and with others. A place to know and be known. (More info on small groups here)

3) Find a place to serve
We all need an opportunity to serve and to give away some of that which God has given us. In the Vineyard, ‘everybody gets to play.’ (drop us an email to let us know you’re interested)

4) Give regularly
Giving away a proportion of our income to the Church God has called us to serve is an important part of being a  disciple. (More info on how to give here)

5) Get a blessing
Finally, if you are moving from another church (as opposed to never going to church before or being between churches) it is very important to us that you go to the leader there and ask them to release you with their blessing.