What is a Vineyard?

The Vineyard is a church movement which began back in the 1980s through the leadership of John Wimber. It currently comprises of more than 1,500 Vineyard churches worldwide, around 550 in the US, over 100 in the UK & Ireland, as well as ‘Vineyard Music’ helping thousands of churches experience intimacy with God.

Through the Vineyard, many churches have been equipped to continue Jesus’ ministry of proclaiming the kingdom, demonstrating the kingdom and training disciples.

Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland was formed for the purpose of joining together churches who hold common values and practices, and, first and foremost, it is a conservative evangelical movement. It is governed by a Council through a number of Task Forces, including a Board of Trustees, which give oversight to the pastors of existing churches and facilitates widespread church planting.

The major part of its function is to be an organisation that gives, helps, serves and strengthens our churches. As you may have heard it said, ‘our aim in Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland is to do all we can to help you become all that you can in Christ…’ We’re thoroughly committed to the view that this can only be achieved through the building and sustaining of strong relationships among us based on love, openness and trust.

Our National Directors are John & Debbie Wright; together they worked as interns for John Wimber at Anaheim Vineyard in California before helping to plant the SW London Vineyard in 1987. After 9 years there, they planted the Trent Vineyard in Nottingham. In 2015 they took over as the National Directors of Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland, whilst continuing to lead Trent Vineyard.

Today the Vineyard continues to grow, planting churches in new cities across the world. For more information about the Vineyard, do visit the following links: