21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Starting on Monday 10th January, we’re inviting you to join with our wider Vineyard family in a time of prayer and fasting as we enter into 2022 together.

Each day we will be posting a Prayer Prompt on our Facebook & Twitter feeds, and also sending it out to our mailing list via email.
There is a different theme for each of the 21 days to help & encourage you in your times of prayer.
Here’s a link to the list: Prayer Points

What is Fasting?
Richard Foster describes fasting as “the voluntary denial of an otherwise normal function for the sake of intense spiritual activity….Ordinarily we think of fasting from food, which is the normal way the Bible speaks of it. But we can fast from many things. We can fast from media. We can fast from noise, hurry, and crowds. We can fast from excessive talk. We can fast from our technological devices, our computers and our cell phones and more. Whatever in our lives is producing an addiction in us is a prime area for fasting. In this way we are learning to depend upon God alone.”

You can read more detail here: renovare.org/articles/understanding-fasting