Joint Housegroup – 3 May

joint-housegroup-3_5Our housegroups are meeting together on Wednesday 3rd May, at 7.45pm, at 2 Beech Close, off Harlow Moor Drive, HG2 0PE

We will have a guest speaker Caroleanne Phillips visiting, and are very excited about what she will have to share with us.

Caroleanne lives in the USA with her husband, Byron.  They have been married for 43 years and have been in active service of the Lord for 28 years.  She has worked to support and serve pastors as well as other church leaders enabling them to more efficiently serve to the Body of Christ.  She is a counselor to the broken-hearted and a mentor to the hungry in spirit.

God has graced Caroleanne with a strong gifting in the prophetic which He uses to encourage and enlighten those who hear His Voice through her.  She carries a gift for healing and deliverance that work together to heal spirit, soul, and body.  Her heart is given to the Body of Christ with the pleasure of propelling them into their destinies.  Her life goal through ministry is to see God’s chosen walking strong and mighty as Sons of God.

Caroleanne carries a message of Hope for all nations and all people and has given her life to take that hope to all who will hear.Along with the message of hope, Caroleanne has a personal testimony of having been healed from a medically diagnosed condition of incurable severe nerve damage in her feet, legs, and hips.  She had lived in excruciating pain every second for over 11 years.
On October 21, 2011, Caroleanne was touched by the power of God and the condition that was diagnosed as incurable was suddenly healed.  Though she had believed in the healing power of Jesus before, the personal experience of having been healed has given her an even greater desire to see hurting people set free from their suffering.  Caroleanne loves praying for the sick to be healed.  She has increased faith for the miraculous because she lives a testimony of the miraculous every day.